A House of Peace, Love, Joy, & Community

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Birthing a New Spiritual Center . .
Building Community. . .
Opening Our Hearts  

"Here I feel grounded, comfortable expressing who I am, and just being true to myself. Spirit is bringing us together.  "

Adam Konopka

Board President

“Spirit Heart Eugene is a place where beautiful minds join with open hearts. We are co-creators of a vortex of love and light . . . a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms.  A safe place to learn and grow, and to experience the loving essence of who we are!" 

“Being in this place is awakening my self-acceptance and helping me to open my heart wider, manage my emotions, and find my purpose." 

Antonio Sanchez

Jasmine Grace, In Reverence

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Learn, Visit & Contact 

1345 W 16th Avenue 

Eugene, Oregon 97402

From Polk St, go west ON BIKE PATH, past 2 houses.

Tel: 541-944-6418


Special Note:  

A shoes off sanctuary.

...In the summer, bring your clean feet!

...IN the winter, your warm socks, and even house slippers to keep yourself warm and cozy. We warm the room, but floor can remain a bit chilly!

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